Google Ads Account Managers Should Not Contact Customers Straight

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There are a growing number of reports throughout the web of Google Advertisements accounts supervisors threatening to contact clients straight, despite not being enabled to.

According to the reports, agencies who don’t react to e-mails from Google Advertisements account supervisors are being consulted with risks from Google associates to get in touch with customers straight.

In some cases, the Google Ads account supervisors call customers and inform them to drop their companies.

There are 2 things to explain here:

  1. Agencies are not needed to talk with Google reps
  2. At no point needs to a Google Ads account supervisor call a firm’s customer

A Google Advertisements rep informing clients to fire their agency crosses the line.

Nevertheless, these reports are becoming more frequent.

Matt Janaway, CEO of Marketing Labs, shared his experience on LinkedIn this week:

Screenshot from:, November 2022. Janaway’s post caught the attention of Google Ads Intermediary Ginny Marvin, who states the problem will be addressed”instantly.” Marvin adds,”This is not in line with how we expect our team to

support our advertisers and firm partners.” Screenshot from:, November 2022. Janaway isn’t alone in his experience. Throughout October, reports flowed on Reddit of Google associates taking part in comparable practices. One Reddit user posted a screenshot of an e-mail received by a Google Advertisements Account

Strategist, which reads: “I am writing to you one last time as a courtesy, because my sincere goal is to offer you

worth and innovative strategies with google ads and deal with you carefully, to help you conserve time and make your customers more effective with google ads, hence I am contacting you for the last time to inform you that if I do not reach you, I will presume that you are not getting my emails and will call the clients that I have actually been designated straight.”Another Reddit user has nearly the very same story, saying they

have actually been “bugged”with everyday e-mails from a Google Ads rep to get on a call and carry out campaign changes. Again, firms aren’t obliged to talk to Google representatives or implement modifications customers aren’t requesting for. Must you get an e-mail like the one above, the best thing to do is submit a problem through

Google’s main kind. Beware of these aggressive sales tactics. As long as you’re not breaking any policies, Google has no say over

how you run your customers’campaigns. Featured Image: FGC/Best SMM Panel